Frontiers Conference at the University of Pittsburgh

University of Pittsburgh researchers play a leading role in a White House conference, co-hosted by Pitt and Carnegie Mellon, on the future of innovation.

Jennifer L. Collinger

  • Assistant Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Investigator, Human Engineering Research Laboratories


Collinger is a research biomedical engineer at the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Her research interests include neurorehabilitation, the study of neuroplasticity, neuroprosthetics, and brain-computer interface technology for individuals with motor impairments. Her work seeks to restore function for individuals with upper limb paralysis or loss. Collinger’s research is conducted at the Rehab Neural Engineering Labs. Earlier this year, one of Collinger’s manuscripts was selected as a Journal of Neural Engineering Highlight Article. She was honored in 2013 with a Top 10 Clinical Research Achievement Award from the Clinical Research Forum and Breakthrough Award for her work in brain-machine interface research, from Popular Mechanics in 2012.